Whatsupturkey.com contains comments and analysis of the ongoings and doings in Turkish politics and society, without the self-censorship that most of the Turkish newspapers pratice. In short, an alternative source for anyone interested in what is going on in the country.

The main author, I, Ola Claësson, have lived in Turkey and hold a Ekon. Lic in Economic history and Demography from Lund University. My articles about Turkey have appeared in The Lancet, published on yourmiddleeast.com, juancole.com etc.

I am also currently writing a book about the country.

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  1. the sudden influx of people is going to start diseases due to the lack of proper sanitation , fights are already happening. food will become harder to secure as more people flood into these other countries uncontrolled. i agree “THEY need to do something” . but WHO are THEY and WHAT are THEY supposed to do??? leaving your country of origin , en masse, is NOT what THEY should be doing.THEY should be asking THEM what the hell happened to US!!!!

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