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3 laws that will end democracy in Turkey

Yesterday Abdullah Gül, the president of Turkey, approved one of two laws, that together will result in a big leap toward one-party-rule in Turkey. Read my article here: http://www.yourmiddleeast.com/opinion/3-laws-that-will-be-the-end-of-democracy-in-turkey_21696




Two Simple Questions to Abdullah Gül!

Two Simple Question to Adbullah Gül

Two Simple Question to Adbullah Gül

Yesterday my father sent me an email with a link. It directed me to an article informing that the Turkish president Abdullah Gül signed a law that would make it illegal to give first aid to anyone without the government’s permission (click here for NY Times version).

‘What is your comment on this?´ my father wrote next to the link.

I still haven’t answered his mail, because I don’t know where to begin. There are so many layers of stupidity behind the enactment of this law, so many angles to attack it from. So lets just ask four simple questions:

First, is there any other country in the world where it is illegal to give first aid to an injured or dying person? (I would really like to know! Send me a message!)

Secondly, if your son got severely injured (God forbid), Tayyip Erdogan, would you not want people to help him? Of course you would!

Since I consider Erdogan as a lost case, my last two questions instead go to Abdullah Gül:

How will this law in any way make Turkey a better country?


How did it feel to illegalize care for fellow human beings?